The Orange Line is Coming Soon!

Get ready to board and experience more destinations with the First Coast Flyer. September 27th, riders will be able to access Five Points, FSCJ Kent Campus, and the Orange Park Mall quickly and efficiently with the all-new Orange Line.

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Unique Features of the First Coast Flyer


Limited Stop Service

The First Coast Flyer is JTA’s premium bus rapid transit (BRT) service. It offers customers a frequent, limited stop, easy and reliable way to travel around town.


Park-n-Ride Park

Park and let JTA do the driving. Park-n-Ride lots are served by local bus routes and Express bus service to Downtown. There is continual service from most lots, so you will always have a ride. You can find a Park-n-Ride for the Blue Line at Avenues Walk.


Mobility Hubs

Select Flyer stations — including Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center (JRTC) at LaVilla  — will enable you to connect to different modes of transportation, including ride share / taxi, bike share, walking paths and more.

Orange Line Top Destinations

Explore these destination highlights that will be part of the Orange Line. 

orange line

FSCJ Kent Campus

With classes in full swing, you’ll be able to get to campus easier with the orange line.

JRTC at LaVilla

The First Coast Flyer’s downtown infrastructure makes travel between Flyer corridors more frequent and convenient. 

Orange Park Mall

Soon it will be easier than ever to dine out with friends and family and shop at some of your favorite stores.

Five Points

Nestled in the heart of Riverside, you can enjoy the eclectic array of restaurants and entertainment that the historic district provides.

Other First Coast Flyer Lines

The Flyer connects customers to jobs, businesses, and attractions with features as unique as the region it serves. The Flyer service requires minimal use of schedules and features fewer stops, shorter waits, easier transfers, and frequent trips.  Visit Route and Schedules for a complete list of times of service, stops, and more.


Green Line

Travels north from the JRTC at LaVilla to Armsdale Park-n-Ride.


Blue Line

Travels south from the JRTC at LaVilla along Philips Highway to the Avenues Walk Park-n-Ride Center.


Red Line

Travels east from the JRTC at LaVilla along the Arlington Expressway, Southside and Beach Boulevard to Jacksonville Beach.

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