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From the steam engine to the Ford Model T, to the introduction of underground subways and light rail, every transportation innovation has ushered in new policies and regulations. However, these new policies and regulations did not materialize overnight. Obsolete policies and regulations were discarded, and new policies were developed to address new needs.  Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology places us on a similar path where current policies and regulations used for 40-foot buses or subway cars may no longer be entirely applicable. 

To ensure the effective deployment of AV technology, policymakers and regulators need to consider these challenges and opportunities. They should work closely with industry experts, researchers and the public to develop comprehensive and forward-thinking policies that balance innovation, safety and societal needs.

During the conversation, we will discuss:

  • What are stakeholders doing to advance policies and regulations from a local, state and federal perspective, to ensure AV technology is deployed safely and effectively?
  • What policies and regulations are holding us back, and are these the correct ones by which to abide
  • The great efforts made by stakeholders and policymakers at all levels to advance this technology.
  • Specific policy and regulatory steps that can be taken to ensure the U.S. does not fall behind the rest of the world in the full-scale deployment of this technology.
  • How these leaders challenge the status quo and lead through adversity in the pursuit of change. 



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A Collaborative Effort That’s Going to Change the Course of History

A new vision that depicts a future of limitless possibilities for our customers, with an integrated and sustainable network of mobility options.

The autonomous mobility ecosystem is comprised of many key players and areas: government, education & research, regulatory agencies, technologies and industries that are redefining the future of mobility.  The Autonomous Mobility Webinar Series provides the opportunity for global industry leaders and experts that are a part of the ecosystem to collaborate and create the synergies needed to shape the future of an autonomous mobility system that is safe and secure.

This collaborative effort will allow participants to harness their collective power to drive progress as they engage in the conversations, identify the challenges and implement the solutions that will deliver unprecedented value to the global community.



Registration will Begin Soon. 

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Past Episodes

Episode 1: Autonomous Mobility Disruptors

With autonomous mobility technology evolving daily, what was once a concept, is becoming a reality as innovative agencies across the U.S. advance deployments for public transportation.  

This radical shift in our mobility paradigm is being led by some of the nation’s most forward-thinking agencies through innovative deployments and public-private partnerships. You will hear from the leading voices putting ambitious plans in place to shape the future of autonomous mobility while blazing the trail for many to follow.

Episode 2: The Benefits of the Disruption

From education to workforce development, job creation to access to health care, autonomous mobility is set to be a disruption that brings unprecedented benefits. Experts in these fields are partnering with public transportation agencies across the United States to advance this technology.  

In Episode 2, we are excited to present visionaries from other industries who are spearheading the integration of autonomous mobility technology into their respective industries. 

Imagine a world where students can have safe and efficient transportation to their educational institutions, where new job opportunities are created as a result of this innovative technology, and where even those with limited access to healthcare can receive quality medical assistance through autonomous mobility solutions. 

Cityscape Illustration
Cityscape Illustration

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